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Why Your organisation needs a Firewall

  • Firewall is one method used to protect computers against hacker attacks and other Internet threats in the office. The solution designed to block unauthorized access to computers. Firewalls help prevent hackers from intercepting private data or planting Trojan horses or other Internet threats on your networked computers.


"Hardware" firewalls are better myth

Commercial firewall companies' marketing departments have done a fine job engraining the myth of "hardware firewalls" into some people's minds. The reality is there is no such thing as a "hardware firewall." All firewalls are hardware that runs software. Most commercial firewalls are based on BSD  or Linux

Open source is insecure myth

Some people are of the mindset that because the source is open, it's insecure because everyone can see how it works. Anyone who has paid any attention to security over the past 20 years knows the absurdity of that statement. No software relies on the obscurity of source code for security. If there was any truth in that, Microsoft Windows would be the most secure OS ever created, when the reality is all of the open source operating systems (all the BSDs and Linux) have security track records that are worlds better than Windows'. History proves the same applies to any software. Internet Explorer is continually hit with major security holes that many times take weeks to patch while they're being exploited in the wild, while open source browsers Firefox, Chrome and others have had significantly better security track records.

  • Open Source Firewall Advantages Over Commercial Firewall

  • 64 BIT os
  • No Annual subscription.  No Number of Users Limit.
  • 1/3rd onetime cost over commercial firewall.
  • Based on linux BSD .
  • Completely open source.. You are in full control.
  • No vendor locking.
  • No special hardware needed. Can be implemented on standard pc as well.
  • Fully functional with all features enabled.
  • Includes virtual private network (VPN) support, content filtering, dhcp server, dns, and other security technologies at no extra cost.
  • Completely web based management.
  • Also Supports Multi Wan, vlan, Port Forwarding, Custom time based filtering, Load Balancing, Dynamic DNS, & Captive Portal for Secured WiFi Access.
  • Can block fully Facebook, Youtube etc to increase the efficiency.
  • AD Integration.


Advantage Shivasol

  • Already implemented at several places.
  • Very fast implementation.
  • Proper advice
  • Trained Manpower.
  • Satisfied customer base.
  • Administration Training









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